Looking for Anger and Stress Management Courses?

 We can teach you effective anger management techniques and empower you to take back control of your emotions and deal with the demands of living and working in the pressure pot. 

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Is Your behaviour as a result of anger or stress affecting your daily life?

Damaging personal or professional relationships?

If so, you may need our anger management training.

Take that first step towards taking back control of your emotions and improving your quality of life.

Contact us today for more information and to make an appointment.

Do I need Anger Management?

Surely everybody gets angry, is this really for me?

Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions and is therefore often mismanaged.

We learn to deal with our anger through our own survival strategies, or from our parents.

These strategies may work initially, but in time they tend to cause problems for us.

The reality is most people need anger management.

Do you explode and get physical such as throwing objects or do you shout, swear and scream?

If you have an incident when driving does your frustration lead you to lose your temper,  scream and perform?

Have you ever hit, pushed, kicked, choked or grabbed your partner, loved one or another person?

Do you often withdraw and become silent or sad and depressed, struggle to communicate and hate confrontation?


Answering yes to any one of the above means that you will benefit from taking one of our  Anger Management programs.

 Contact us now to start your journey back to control today.

Testimonials and Comments

Attended this week Sandton

A highly recommended course for anyone dealing with stress issues. Great course to regain some perspective on life and separate what's important from what's not.

I found it helpful and insightful and the personal interaction with the consultant was very useful.

My expectations were met and I would recommend to anyone.

Our Services

Delivered by experienced, talented and committed experts on a one to one basis

Our range of services include:

  • Anger and Stress Management Courses

    • Individual and including Teenagers and younger children

    • Couples (after they have each completed individual courses)
    • Employee Packages
    • Company Workshops (delivered as group sessions)
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Entrepreneur Mentoring and Coaching
  • Retirement Coaching
  • Employee Wellness Assessments and EAP programs

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